• We develop the domain of tourism and we put it at the top of our priorities. The reason is that tourism is the exclusive source of prosperity and economic development of Ayia Napa.
  • We develop tourism infrastructures in order to improve the satisfaction of tourists, workers and entrepreneurs.
  • We develop the quality of services and the good reputation of Ayia Napa.
  • We grow the demand in order to meet the needs of economic activity all the year round.
  • We undertake substantive initiatives and we accelerate the actions for the creation of an impressive program, the “Integrated Tourism Experience 2020”.
  • We are stepping up efforts to establish a wide range of recurrent and world-wide events.
  • We are stepping up our efforts to substantially extend the tourist season.
  • We ensure the necessary conditions and we structure the necessary infrastructures for sustainable economic growth.
  • We ensure the management of tourist infrastructure by the municipal authority and re-investment of profits in social infrastructure and development projects.
  • We guarantee a good tourist culture to offer visitors a pleasant holiday in a cosmopolitan, pleasant and safe environment.
  • Being in consultation with stakeholders and entrepreneurs, we dare to establish a “Code Ayia Napa 2020” so that all of us collectively could work to bring the cosmopolitan character back to the city center of Ayia Napa.
  • We dare,  to fight the undesirable practices of profiteering, clamour, uncontrollable nuisance and all forms of illegality.
  • We dare to restore the mild, cosmopolitan character to the city center of Ayia Napa, where at any time, there will be a pleasant and a decent atmosphere.
  • Ayia Napa is a privileged tourist destination. With my re-election, we will step up our efforts in order to bring even closer to the realization of our vision, to establish Ayia Napa as the most successful and cosmopolitan tourist resort of the Mediterranean.


We will work with realism, collegiality, determination and passion to fully develop our comparative advantages and to ensure our sources of income. At the same time, we will address the pathogens and weaknesses with targeted moves and drastic measures, in order to protect our good reputation.


We innovate and we come up with the best ideas in order to bring Ayia Napa to the top of Mediterranean tourism as a model of a successful tourist destination so that: