Because We Can: We Grow, We Ensure, We Dare!


Dear Friends,

Your own vote has brought me to the post of Mayor. Our goal was to give a new impetus to our city, with the vision of a strong and thriving Ayia Napa. Three and a half years on, I find it my duty to reiterate the city of Ayia Napa for the continuation of the important work that we have achieved together.


Together we laid solid foundations for the development of our country. We fought, claimed and achieved many important achievements through unprecedented difficult circumstances. I have defended the public interest, always guiding the principles of good administration and general progress. My prerogative and priority have always been to HUMAN and to ensure a better quality of life for us and our children. I tried to be double to everyone in order to cope with the challenges and problems. Together, we have achieved the emergence of our Municipality in an urban center, equal to the other major cities. We have upgraded our tourist product, reaching unprecedented levels of arrivals. At the same time, we have enjoyed the finances, reaping multiple, recurring and important benefits for our municipality. In addition, we have ensured that our city’s offer is recognized in practice by decision-makers.

Dear Colleagues,

We have to continue the upward course that we have established, demonstrating that WE CAN FOLLOW MORE MORE THINGS. Challenges remain, and coping with them requires collectivity, accountability, honesty, HUMANITY. Far from micro-parties and other considerations, we look forward to the future with optimism. We continue to cooperate with joint action to address all the challenges.


With the experience of previous years, I ask you to honor me again with your vote and give me a clear, strong command to continue the development and progress of our Municipality, because we have proved that we CAN.

A strong economic plan

  • Increase in revenue of the Municipality by € 2,942,734 (2012: € 11,053,655 and in 2015: € 13,996,389).
  • Increase in City Surplus by € 2,311,157 (2012: € 14,139 and 2015: € 2,325,288).
  • Reduction of electricity costs by 48% (€ 290,000), with targeted savings and energy policy.
  • Reduction of taxes / dues by 26% (from € 162 to € 120 for each first residence).
  • Reduction of annual operating costs of the Sewage Treatment Plant – sewerage from € 2.895.000 to € 974.000.
  • Decrease of Loan by 15%, from € 6.500.000 to € 5.500.000.
  • Sewer – Interest and loan issue. After a persistent effort, we managed to reduce the basic lending rate to 2.5% (1.35% reduction) with a substantial annual benefit to the reduced interest for the consortium of € 788.000. It also corrected the heterogeneous term that allowed the bank to raise the interest rate in the event of a deterioration of the Cyprus economy, but not to reduce the interest rate in the opposite case. The contracts were signed on 18/11/2016.


The Taking of the Beach Management by the Municipality resulted in:

  • Total Beach Management Income for 2016, € 3.140.000 incl. VAT.
  • Creating new jobs.
  • Upgrading of services offered (ensuring free space – uniformity – cleanliness, Wi-Fi provision).

City Upgrades

Recognizing Ayia Napa as a City Center resulting in funding of € 3,500,000 for the immediate upgrade of the city core and the northern side of the Municipality:


  • Reformation and promotion of the Monastery of Panagia Agia Napa.
  • Upgrading and Reconstruction of Tectros Routes Anthia and Giannakis Pappoulis.
  • Creation of a thematic environmental park in the area of Agia Napa SEA.
  • Ensuring Systematic Funding and Funding every seven years.
  • Equal treatment of the allocation of European and state funds to the cities Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Paralimni.
  • Inclusion of the center of the municipality and the northern side in the tourist incentives of 20% for the upgrading of the tourist units.

Attract Tourists

Upgrading our city and Improving our tourist product with actions such as:


  • Establish a Park which exposes Mediterranean plants and succulents.
  • Establish an annual Triathlon international race, an annual event for Guinness record.
  • Provide free WIFI to our beaches.
  • Organization of an annual tourist conference with up-to-date subjects (All inclusive, Seasonal, Branding Ayia Napa).
  • Establish an ambassador for Ayia Napa for recurring visitors.
  • Submission of proposals for participation in European programs aiming at a total of € 12.000.000 with our partners.
  • Targeted policy that has led to an increase in tourist output at unprecedented levels.

Upgrading our city’s quality of life with an emphasis on everyday life, culture and the environment.

  • Construction of sidewalks in the city center with stone Karystos (Democracy, Evagoros, Independence).
  • Establishment of the Street Art Festival for grooming buildings in the center and the northern side.
  • Rehabilitation of the Kavo Greco landfill (€ 2.5 m).
  • Completion of the Kavo Greco Environmental Center (€ 1.7 million).
  • Installation of compressors and semi-underground bins to separate recyclable waste for 50% recycling (budget € 2.6m).
  • Recycling increased by 56% on paper, 34% on glass, 15% on PMD.
  • Approval of the Kokkinokremmos Provincial Water Project to boost water supplies from 2 to 48 hours (€ 17 million).
  • Construction of outdoor exercise areas.
  • Digitization of the Ayia Napa family tree.
  • Offer of scholarships in collaboration with Universities.

Exploiting our Advantages

We focus on Investment, we do not use them unwisely.

The advantages we have created are invested in projects that are rewarding our local economy, tourism and beaches, as well as social support projects. They will also be used for the purchase of real estate for the benefit of the municipality, as well as for the construction of infrastructure (roads and pavements) in the residential areas (Kokkines, Katsipila, North side).


4.1 Create Landmark Ayia Napa

We are launching a competition to create a world-class flagship, point of reference that will be unique with an international reach to attract visitors, foreign and locals all year round.


Strengthening the role and importance of our city

  • We maintain and strengthen our position in the decision-making centers, with dynamism and assertiveness. We ensure the characterization of the urban center and continue the absorption of funds from the structural and national funds for the continuous and systematic upgrading of the urban core and the northern side of our Municipality.
  • We promote City Diplomacy with municipalities abroad to cooperate in areas of common interest. At the same time, we are promoting cooperation with university institutions.
  • With vigorous interventions, we are assuring that the Local Government Reform will not affect us.


Strengthening participation and information of citizens

We use the internet for live broadcasting of meetings, posting of practices and payments to the Municipality. We set up independent advisory committees and implement the institution of public consultation.

  • We dare and establish the BAROMETER OF CITIZENS, a six-month poll for the degree of satisfaction of services and quality of life. The barometer will be published.
  • You choose and decide directly how to invest 10% of the Development budget. We submit a proposal through which our citizens will select by online voting on which projects will be invested 10% of the development budget.


Ensure good and effective administration

We submit proposals for the creation of an Internal Audit Service. We also interconnect the remuneration of local councilors according to their participation and we apply modern personnel management systems with acceptable international standards, such as the Employee Recognition and Reception System.


Design, Promotion, Maturation and Maintenance of Infrastructure Projects

  • We design Agia Napa in 2030 through strategic planning and create the Masterplan of Ayia Napa through which we mature projects to be funded from national and European funds and use the BOT method to implement projects.
  • We continue to create and convert Ayia Napa to a city of landmarks, parks and monuments. We convert green points, impersonal squares, public spaces and circular hubs into points of reference for experience and culture through competitions.
  • We take advantage of the architectural competition for selecting specialists and ripening projects such as the coastal front of Limanaki – Konnos, Perne – Agia Thekla, the upgrading and the creation of thematic beaches and the creation of impressive entrances to our municipality.
  • We promote the creation of an outdoor amphitheater, strengthen the Technical Reef by creating a submarine art park and restore the traditional character of the Port by expanding it. We also claim the construction of a cruise ship mooring.
  • We proclaim the establishment of a Provincial Convention Center. We insist and support the efforts to create a Golf Course and Casino in the limits of our Municipality.
  • We promote the rental / purchase of real estate from the Municipality to the Center for community development / uses such as the construction of squares, the Gallery, the Folklore Museum.
  • Upgrading and maintaining all existing projects and benchmarks and strengthening their infrastructure.


Continue to use smart and creative ways to promote

  • We set up an annual celebration’s visit (Celebrity) and we use it to showcase our benchmarks.
  • We are launching a competition for the Ayia Napa T-Shirt to create a positive slogan for our city.
  • We continue to win the Guinness record and set up annual photography and video contests for Ayia Napa.
  • We promote the organization of international Extreme Sports such as diving, Cliff Diving and more.


Upgrading the Center

  • We turn the center of Ayia Napa into a center of experience, tradition, and arts that will be environmentally friendly and universally accessible.
  • Redesigning the entire center with strategic planning, starting from the area of Agia Mavri – Louka Louka.
  • Immediately upgrading and displaying our Monastery. We are upgrading the Tefkrou streets Anthia, Giannaki Pappoulis, and Dionysios Solomos. We create a Thematic Environmental Park – Public Garden.
  • We create shaded routes, works of art and culture in green areas and public spaces. We create the Kallitechnapolis of Ayia Napa and unite the coastal front with the center and the north side of our Municipality.
  • Redesigning our squares based on sophisticated standards and creating underground parking spaces through the BOT process. We give identity to the improvement of the facades of buildings and enhance public lighting.
  • We claim the right to convert the center’s organized and tourist apartments into small urban hotels, so as to capitalize on 20% of the tourist incentives.


Conversion of our Municipality into an Electronic and Smart City

  • We convert our Municipality into an Electronic City with full digitization. We take advantage of the internet and social media. We redesign our YouTube channel and social media. We hire professionals to manage Ayia Napa’s brand name online.
  • We make a proposal that 75% of the Municipality’s projection will be via the Internet and we will convert Ayia Napa to Free WiFi Zone.
  • We propose a Virtual Reality program for the promotion of our history to our visitors.


Enhancing the quality of life of the citizens and upgrading the residential areas for a Human City

  • Taking advantage of the Municipality’s advantages, we build pavements, playgrounds and recreation areas for all ages and install lighting in our residential areas (Kokkines, Katsipila, Center).
  • We maintain existing infrastructure projects (parks, roads, pedestrian areas).
  • We create a Model Autism Center, an Aged Care Center, a new kindergarten and a nursery.
  • We are setting up a Quality of Life Council (advisory) with all residential areas involved for issues of improving the quality of stay, reducing the nuisance and embedding a good neighborhood code. We set up meetings with residents of residential areas as well as organized groups.


Enhancing policing / Embedding a sense of security / Tackle and frustration

  • We are stepping up efforts to strengthen security in Ayia Napa with measures such as the installation of a monitoring system in public places, the substantial upgrading and staffing of the Police Station. We apply the Neighborhood Observatory.
  • Strengthen the presence and power of Municipal Police 24 hours a day throughout Ayia Napa to address the problems of nuisance produced by cars and electronic bikes and various other wheeled vehicles, as well as the nuisance produced by the extreme tourist behaviors.
  • The solution to the problem of noise and solicitation is the law enforcement.


Implementation of the Integrated Tourism Experience Plan 2020

We enrich the tourist infrastructure and the level of hospitality to create positive impressions and memories for our visitors. We continue to implement the strategy of integrated tourist experience which has this goal: All our visitors, returning back home will be remembering their “Ayia Napa Experience”.


We ensure that the Beach Management remains in the Municipality

We ensure that the management of the beaches remains in the Municipality with all the concomitant benefits and we maintain the jobs we have created. We upgrade our beaches through an architectural competition and create beaches based on a creative subject.


Local Plan – Negotiate and Execute

We are proceeding with the new process of drawing up a local plan at the provincial level, taking advantage of our characterization at the Urban Center, aiming to have viability and development for the entire Municipality


Promoting the expansion of the tourist season

  • We organize Mega-Events such as Marathon or other major sports events as well as cultural festivals.
  • Upgrading and expanding the Sports Center to support winter tourism and hiring specialists in the sport management to manage it.
  • We are promoting the visibility of Ayia Napa for domestic tourism.
  • We motivate tourist companies for a year-long operation (reduction of taxes / taxes, joint visibility, organization of events, etc.).


Ayia Napa Settlement

We hire specialists to study all data and submit a proposal to decongest road traffic and the nuisance and extend the Michail Kassialou road to the “SPE” (ΣΠΕ) in order to relieve traffic congestion. We are building a new enclosure in the parking area and upgrading the green spaces that exist there. A monthly mayor meeting with the residents of the settlement is established.


Enrichment of the Cultural / Educational Infrastructure. We support tourism with culture

  • We raise our cultural monuments and their traditional character (Monastery, Aqueduct, Hippopotamos Cave, Kamaroui, Mantra Kitsi etc.). We continue to support the organized sports and cultural ensembles of Ayia Napa. We support actions that help preserve the cultural heritage (Local Folk Poets and Creators).
  • We support the establishment of a University and promote incentives to attract tertiary schools, while turning the multi-storey car parking into an interdisciplinary space of education.
  • We set up a weekly delivery event to be organized at a different time each time.


Regulation of the “All Inclusive”

We apply specific measures and regulations on the “All Inclusive” to become a fair tool for entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises and the wider society.


Animal Welfare – Actions and Information

  • We aim to increase the people’s awareness regarding the animal welfare. Our preoccupation is the health and good management of animals through training programs, information events, workshops and seminars.
  • We create landscaped spaces for animals. Plus, we have a financial sponsorship of volunteers and organizations that promote animal welfare issues through our budget.
  • We design and create collective sterilization and adoption programs for stray dogs and cats in collaboration with private vets and other stakeholders.


Promoting Youth and Youth Entrepreneurship issues

  • We reorganize Youth through our youth council and create a network with young people to promote new ideas and business proposals. Furthermore, we organize events for young people and we bring on the top, the young scientists in a way that new ideas see the light.
  • We take advantage of the online presence of youth and our citizens for the promotion of the Ayia Napa.


Enhance Environmental Protection – Eco City

  • We respect and integrate environment, environmental consciousness and education into our vision to turn our city into environmentally friendly – Eco City.
  • We use alternative forms of energy in municipal buildings, road lighting and design on the basis of bioclimatic roads to reduce the temperature by 2 degrees.
  • We require removal of somera antennas in Cape Greco and mobile antennas from residential areas.
  • We are conducting a study to address beach erosion with mild interventions.
  • We ensure the restoration of the Ammos area of Kambouri.
  • We promote incentives to increase Recycling by applying “pay as you throw” (whenever we throw, we pay)



  • We develop the domain of tourism and we put it at the top of our priorities. The reason is that tourism is the exclusive source of prosperity and economic development of Ayia Napa.
  • We develop tourism infrastructures in order to improve the satisfaction of tourists, workers and entrepreneurs.
  • We develop the quality of services and the good reputation of Ayia Napa.
  • We grow the demand in order to meet the needs of economic activity all the year round.
  • We undertake substantive initiatives and we accelerate the actions for the creation of an impressive program, the “Integrated Tourism Experience 2020”.
  • We are stepping up efforts to establish a wide range of recurrent and world-wide events.
  • We are stepping up our efforts to substantially extend the tourist season.
  • We ensure the necessary conditions and we structure the necessary infrastructures for sustainable economic growth.
  • We ensure the management of tourist infrastructure by the municipal authority and re-investment of profits in social infrastructure and development projects.
  • We guarantee a good tourist culture to offer visitors a pleasant holiday in a cosmopolitan, pleasant and safe environment.
  • Being in consultation with stakeholders and entrepreneurs, we dare to establish a “Code Ayia Napa 2020” so that all of us collectively could work to bring the cosmopolitan character back to the city center of Ayia Napa.
  • We dare,  to fight the undesirable practices of profiteering, clamour, uncontrollable nuisance and all forms of illegality.
  • We dare to restore the mild, cosmopolitan character to the city center of Ayia Napa, where at any time, there will be a pleasant and a decent atmosphere.
  • Ayia Napa is a privileged tourist destination. With my re-election, we will step up our efforts in order to bring even closer to the realization of our vision, to establish Ayia Napa as the most successful and cosmopolitan tourist resort of the Mediterranean.


We work with realism, collegiality, determination and passion to fully develop our comparative advantages and to ensure our sources of income. At the same time, we  address the pathogens and weaknesses with targeted moves and drastic measures, in order to protect our good reputation.


We innovate and we come up with the best ideas in order to bring Ayia Napa to the top of Mediterranean tourism as a model of a successful tourist destination so that: